The Committed Creative Podcast

#75 Living a Life You Love with Amanda Ewin

October 19, 2023 Carmen Allan-Petale Season 6 Episode 6
The Committed Creative Podcast
#75 Living a Life You Love with Amanda Ewin
Show Notes

Amanda Ewin is a lifestyle coach and meditation teacher who helps high-achieving women shift from feeling stuck to living a magnificent life.

With a background in podiatry, Amanda realised her true passion was in helping people live better lives and find joy. She is the host of the Bounce Out of Bed podcast and is dedicated to helping her clients prioritise themselves and find their true values.

Key takeaways from this episode:
- It's important to prioritise joy and find activities that bring you happiness.
- Setting boundaries and surrounding yourself with uplifting people is crucial for personal growth.
- Values play a significant role in decision-making and should be aligned with how you spend your time.
- Taking small steps and celebrating wins along the way can lead to positive change.

Find out more about Amanda here.


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