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#70 Business Coaching Using AI with Em Gee

September 14, 2023 Carmen Allan-Petale Season 6 Episode 1
The Committed Creative Podcast
#70 Business Coaching Using AI with Em Gee
Show Notes

Em Gee is a marketing and mindset coach who helps women become unstoppable in their businesses. She is also an AI enthusiast and is currently working on a project to integrate AI into her coaching programs.

In this episode of the Committed Creative Podcast, I chat with Em Gee about her journey from studying marketing to becoming a teacher and eventually starting her own coaching business.

Em Gee emphasises the importance of having a solid foundation in marketing and understanding your ideal client. Em also discusses her recent ADHD diagnosis and how it's impacted her life and coaching practice.

Most excitingly though, Em gives me the low down on how she plans to use AI to create a chat bot that can coach her clients 24/7, providing personalised support and resources. Em addresses concerns about AI and demonstrates the potential benefits it can bring to the coaching industry.

We dive into how to:
- Get clear on your ideal client and their transformation before creating your marketing strategy.
- Trust your gut and listen to your intuition when making decisions about your career and business.
- understand that AI can be a powerful tool in coaching, providing personalised support and resources to clients.
- Embrace AI to free up time for more intentional human activities, such as one-on-one coaching.

Em is opening up her AI program (The Biz Rebelution) to everyone, and if you want to learn more, make sure you check it out here.

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