The Committed Creative Podcast

#59 Tapping into Your Creative Powers with Jody Rolph

June 01, 2023 Carmen Allan-Petale Season 5 Episode 1
The Committed Creative Podcast
#59 Tapping into Your Creative Powers with Jody Rolph
Show Notes

This week on the podcast, I spoke with Jody Rolph, who is the founder of The Creative Gathering, about her epic annual event held in Rockingham, Western Australia.

Jody was inspired to launch The Creative Gathering for the first time last year after being driven to show people that they are more creative than they may think.

With zero events experience, Jody embarked on creating an amazing event and saw great success, even in a world that had just come through the other side of COVID lockdowns. This year, The Creative Gathering is returning in September and will be bigger and better than ever.

In the podcast, we talk about:

  • What creativity is (it's not what you might think!)
  • How you can tap into your creativity.
  • What inspired Jody to see more people increase their creativity.
  • What you need to know when running an event.
  • How Jody markets her event on social media. 
  • Why authenticity has been a key to Jody's success.
  • Who The Creative Gathering is for, and who will be exhibiting at the event.

…and loads, loads more.

If you want to find out more about Jody and The Creative Gathering, you can check out the event on Jody's website, or follow her on Instagram.

We are excited to announce that The Committed Creative podcast is partnering with The Creative Gathering this year, as we feel like it is a special event that you - our valued listeners - will love!

We will be featuring speakers from The Creative Gathering throughout this season of The Committed Creative podcast. So stay tuned!


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