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#43 Optimising your business's website to get more views with Sarah Green

December 01, 2022 Carmen and David Allan-Petale Season 3 Episode 13
The Committed Creative Podcast
#43 Optimising your business's website to get more views with Sarah Green
Show Notes

This week on the podcast, I talk with Sarah Green, a wedding celebrant and one of the four owners of White Chalk Road, the longest-running search engine optimisation (SEO) company in Australia.

Firstly we covered the business of officiating weddings and spoke about:

  • How fulfilling it is to be a part of a couple’s milestone day.
  • How Sarah become a celebrant.
  • How Sarah’s yet to experience a Bridezilla although apparently there are nudist weddings out there if any celebrants want a challenge!

Then we spoke about White Chalk Road and how:

  • White Chalk Road’s retainer model works and how they deliver impressive SEO outcomes for their clients
  • It's important to write for the customer first, if you want to improve your search ranking.
  • To build your website from scratch with SEO in mind.
  • Wordpress is the best platform to build your website on, in terms of getting the best SEO results.
  • Quality content can get you highly-ranked these days, and you no longer have to rely solely on backlinks.
  • The most important pages on your website are your services pages, and how to make the most of these pages.
  • If you offer many services, you should avoid a one-page website - and why
  • If you are looking to get backlinks, make sure the businesses linking to you have high-quality websites.
  • To understand what short tail and long tail keywords are and how to optimise their use.

…and loads, loads more.

If you sometimes sweat about where your website is getting seen in Google searches, you need to listen to this episode.

If you want to find out more about Sarah, you check her out celebrant business, and SEO company White Chalk Road.


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