The Committed Creative Podcast

#42 Inspiring Women to Love Who They Are with Nikki Chamberlain

November 24, 2022 Carmen and David Allan-Petale Season 3 Episode 12
The Committed Creative Podcast
#42 Inspiring Women to Love Who They Are with Nikki Chamberlain
Show Notes

This week on the Committed Creative Podcast, I sat down with Nikki from Nikki C Coaching to chat about how she helps women to build confidence around their bodies. 

If you feel uncomfortable when you look in the mirror, then you need to listen to this podcast. Especially if you are a mum to little girls.

In this podcast, we talk about how: 

  • Nikki helps women with setting a positive mindset around their health. 
  • Without the internal connection, they can’t change their habits.
  • Nikki went from high school teacher turned to qualified personal trainer and health and wellness coach.
  • She made the switch after realising she loved pastoral care and helping girls and women with their own struggles with their body image.
  • To change your mindset towards loving your body, even if you’ve been conditioned to hate it since you were born.
  • Building body confidence starts through ‘exposure therapy’ where you begin small, wearing something a little more daring or going to the beach when you wouldn’t previously, slowly building confidence.
  • The elasticity in our brain is the most malleable in the morning, which is why it’s so important to feed ourselves positive vibes through good habits early on in the day.
  • By not having easy access to simple health information can create constant overwhelm and make you feel like a failure when it comes to keeping healthy.
  • Uncovering your true why as to ‘why you want to lose weight’ or ‘improve your health and fitness’ can ensure you stay on track towards meeting your goals.
  • We can do better in making sure the young girls in our life grow up confident and resilient.
  • Working for herself enables Nikki to make a bigger impact than if she was working a 9-5, and how the fulfillness she gets from helping other women lights her up.

If you want to learn more about Nikki and her program, you can check her out on her Insta.
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