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#41 Launching a business that's never been done before with Tracy Murray

November 17, 2022 Season 3 Episode 11
The Committed Creative Podcast
#41 Launching a business that's never been done before with Tracy Murray
Show Notes

Have you ever thought about launching a business that doesn’t yet exist?

Tracy Murray, aka The Glasses Lady, did just that after seeing how many people felt frustrated with the glasses-buying process after their optical appointments.

As someone who is technically legally blind (thank goodness for contact lenses!) I can completely understand how they feel - I can vividly remember the difficulty of the glasses-buying process. You feel pressured to buy and you feel like you have to make the decision quickly.

Realising these pain points, Tracy decided to launch The Glasses Lady - a business focused on eyewear styling with customised glasses in one to two hours.

In this episode, we discuss how Tracy:

  • Started the business on her own after speaking to different people in the industry and doing thorough research.
  • Found her first clients. 
  • Is passionate about making her customers feel excited and radiant wearing the glasses she styles - and this drives her more than the money.
  • Has partnered with the right people in the industry to make sure she delivers the right glasses for her clients.
  • Styles her customers based on not simply what they look like, but their personality too.
  • Teaches you to think beyond what your style is now and where you want your style to be, so she can find glasses you fall in love with.
  • Doesn’t care how long she spends with her clients, as long as she gets the styling right.
  • Realises that not everyone feels comfortable shopping in a busy, high-pressured environment, which is why her customers always love shopping with her in the privacy of her own home.
  • Had to teach herself social media to get ahead - she used to think TikTok was a band!

If you want to learn more about Tracy, you can check out her website or follow her on Instagram.
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