The Committed Creative Podcast

#39 How to Uncover Your Zone of Genius with Kate De Jong

November 03, 2022 Carmen and David Allan-Petale Season 3 Episode 9
The Committed Creative Podcast
#39 How to Uncover Your Zone of Genius with Kate De Jong
Show Notes

Kate de Jong is a business and marketing strategy coach for business owners who want meaning, results and impact - minus the struggle.

After losing two pregnancies, Kate realised something needed to change in the way she was living her life. Her high stress was impacting her lifestyle and so she decided to quit her high-powered engineering job and follow her true passions.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Kate’s career journey - how she felt she should be an engineer because she was good at maths and science, even though she wasn’t passionate about it. 
  • Why you should focus on your natural gifts because this is often where your passions lie and where your joy comes from.
  • How to encourage your own children to follow their dreams.
  • How to uncover your zone of genius
  • How to take the leap from full-time employment to self-employment
  • How to easily articulate what it is you do so you can sell your services with ease
  • How to choose a business coach who aligns with what you need.
  • Why in business it’s important to be completely specific in what you do so your customers can clearly understand the end result they’re going to get.
  • The reasons why people don’t buy are because they don’t understand what you’re selling, they don’t see the value, or it’s not the right time. 
  • How to go within and listen to your inner guidance to help you follow the right career pathway

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