The Committed Creative Podcast

#38 From Tragedy to Changing Trajectory with Karen Chaston

October 27, 2022 Season 3 Episode 8
The Committed Creative Podcast
#38 From Tragedy to Changing Trajectory with Karen Chaston
Show Notes

Karen suffered the ultimate, heartbreaking loss when her son was found dead in her garden one morning.

Experiencing this devastating loss completely changed the trajectory of Karen's life - she quit her job as a high-powered Chief Financial Officer of a publicly listed company as she began to work through her grief.

She's now a best-selling international author, having written five books on loss and life, and coaches others through their own journeys of loss.

In this podcast, we chat about:

💙 How the death of her son completely changed her life.

How Karen had a baby in her teens and adopted her out, and the effect this had on her life.

The 5 step process for dealing with loss.

💙 The quality of life will always come down to the quality of questions you are asking yourself on your life's journey.

💙 Acceptance is a huge part of the grief process in allowing ourselves to move forward.
💙 How your spiritual connection with the person you've lost, can help you to grieve - it's only the physical relationship has ended. The emotional and spiritual relationship will live on forever.

💙 Identifying our hopes, dreams and aspirations after the loss is important in deciding what life path you want to carve for yourself.

💙 Until we have first-hand experience, it's very difficult to understand what true grief can feel like.

💙 Avoidance tactics - such as drugs and alcohol, working too much, and over-eating, can easily creep in when we're trying to cope with grief.

💙 The biggest loss event that many of us experience in our lives is loss of identity.

💙 How uncovering who you are should be a skill we are taught in high school.

As Karen says - if you think something is missing in your life, perhaps that something is you because you have lost your identity. To learn more about Karen, check out her website.


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