The Committed Creative Podcast

#37 Making Colour Pop with Megan Cronje

October 20, 2022 Season 3 Episode 7
The Committed Creative Podcast
#37 Making Colour Pop with Megan Cronje
Show Notes
Megan is a bright and bubbly product photographer - and her personality completely aligns with the types of photos she takes for her clients.

Founder of the Colour Pop Studio, Megan has only been running her photography business since COVID but already it has seen great success.

In this podcast, we chat about how:

- Megan decided to start Colour Pop Studio after being made redundant during maternity leave in the middle of COVID.
- She creates specific content to attract her dream clients.
- Megan has developed a niche of bright and colourful photos which has seen her win MORE work as it attracts a specific market.
- The majority of her clients come to her through Instagram
- Sharing her vulnerable side and the behind-the-scenes of photoshoots has won her a large following on Instagram.
- Megan's used Instagram reels to build that audience.
- She's created a monthly retainer client model, creating regular content for those who need lots of product images for Instagram.
- Megan's put a limit on the number of clients she takes on board so she can continue to produce top-quality content.
- She juggles motherhood with three children under five with running a busy business.
- She's tripled her prices since she began because she's realised the value she gives to her clients.
- Important it is to stop and appreciate your wins.

You can find Megan on her website or on Instagram.

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