The Committed Creative Podcast

#34 Success Running A Sporty Business with Kate Rowen

September 29, 2022 Carmen and David Allan-Petale Season 3 Episode 4
The Committed Creative Podcast
#34 Success Running A Sporty Business with Kate Rowen
Show Notes

This week on the podcast, I chat to Kate Rowen, personal trainer and founder of the fitness business Fifty Fitness.
 Kate started her business during COVID, after she took a redundancy from her University Lecturer position. 
 Her business focuses on training the over 50s and she's found a real niche market in Perth.
 In this podcast, we chat about: 

  • How Kate overcame the fear around going into business for herself.
  • How she went from lecturer to personal trainer.
  • Why she felt it was important to follow her dreams when the opportunity came knocking.
  • How COVID gave her an advantage and she embraced it.
  • How she has a niche target market that no one else in Perth has (over 50s PT).
  • Why she’s writing a book about the struggles of trying to stay fit over 50.
  • How menopause affects your health and why there’s not enough education around what it does to your body.
  • How she loves the autonomy of working for herself and how she could never go back to working for someone else
  • How important it is to have a business mentor or coach to help you learn the ropes.

 You can find Kate on her website here.

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