The Committed Creative Podcast

#28 Tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit with Daniel Swanton

August 04, 2022 Season 2 Episode 13
The Committed Creative Podcast
#28 Tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit with Daniel Swanton
Show Notes

Daniel Swanton is our guest on the Committed Creative Podcast today. He’s a web design entrepreneur who confesses that while he isn’t necessarily creative, he is good at business, and that’s what’s helped him build the highly successful EMD Design studio in Melbourne with a tight team and a core of loyal customers.

His journey from being bored and frustrated at a marketing agency to going it alone and creating his own thing is an inspiring story, which he shares with us warts and all.

But what really stands out with Daniel is his determination to find the right customers - in effect, the right audience - for his services, and then only work with them.

He did it the old-fashioned way at first, cold calling businesses who he deemed likely to need his services. And now, with good work under his belt, Daniel is the one who gets the calls!

In this podcast, we talk about:

- How cold calling is a smart tactic for creatives 

- Why connection with the customer is paramount for creating quality work

- How Daniel and EMD approach winning work and then delivering it

- Why there is no right time to start a business - only the opportunity

- How looking back, everything makes sense, even if it doesn’t at the time

- Why patience and hard work go together to create something meaningful

- How Daniel evolved his business and creative practises to keep growing

You can see Daniel's work with EMD Digital on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.


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