The Committed Creative Podcast

#24 Creating a Local Market with Erin Madeley

July 07, 2022 Carmen and David Allan-Petale Season 2 Episode 9
The Committed Creative Podcast
#24 Creating a Local Market with Erin Madeley
Show Notes

This week on the podcast, Carmen speaks to Erin Madeley, founder of the Perth Makers Market and recent owner of Perth's Upmarket.

Erin founded a locally-made market after she struggled to find that type of market to sell her own handmade products at.

Without any background experience in event management, Erin dived in head first and seven years later, her hard work is certainly paying off.

Erin's business knowledge and company insights were so interesting and she was an absolute delight to host on the Committed Creative podcast.

In this episode, we chat about how:

  • How Erin grew a massive market business without an events background.
  • Why she’s so passionate about locally made products.
  • How Erin runs a highly successful business while at times suffering from depression and anxiety.
  • How Erin dealt with COVID and what she offered her clients when she had to cancel events.
  • What creatives are the most scared of.
  • Why it helps to have an in-person and online presence.
  • How markets help gather data on customer experiences and how you can improve your business. 
  • Top tips for marketing your products face-to-face.
  • How to best display your products at a market.
  • Why she focuses at what she wants to do in her business and outsources the rest.
  • How she looks after her team and makes sure she recruits employees who align with her business.

You can find Perth Makers Market on Instagram and Facebook.


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