The Committed Creative Podcast

#20 Making Mistakes with Jacek Bak

June 09, 2022 Season 2 Episode 5
The Committed Creative Podcast
#20 Making Mistakes with Jacek Bak
Show Notes

Jacek Bak is a corporate photographer hailing from our hometown in Perth who has built his business up in three different cities over its lifetime.

He's a great networker, having to build a customer base not once but three times, and he's a big believer in making mistakes. 

"If you're not making mistakes then you're not learning lessons," he says. 

In this episode of The Committed Creative podcast, Carmen chats to Jacek about:

  • why getting outside of your comfort zone never feels good but always leads you somewhere rewarding.
  • establishing a nest egg to get you through lean times.
  • how you should seek out mentors early on to motivate you - don't be afraid to ask the people who inspire you out for a coffee!
  • that mistakes are to be admired because you're learning.
  • how being prepared in business is the key to success.
  • why consistent branding is so important to develop a strong business.
  • how little achievements and customer feedback should be cherished so momentum can be maintained.
  • how the freedom of running your own business can't be beaten - and why photography is something Jacek will never get bored of.

You can find Jacek over on his website and on Instagram.


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