The Committed Creative Podcast

#19 Sparking Innovation with Simon Banks

June 02, 2022 Season 2 Episode 4
The Committed Creative Podcast
#19 Sparking Innovation with Simon Banks
Show Notes

Simon Banks is not your ordinary keynote speaker. He uses his art to draw people together as he literally draws out the main points of his talks into bold illustrations as he presents. It’s fascinating to watch!

He’s worked with leading corporates around Australia to help employees tap into their creativity and spark their innovation, getting better outcomes in the workplace.

Simon’s also a podcaster and author, and loves to talk about how breaking out of the mold can allow businesses to thrive.

In this episode of The Committed Creative podcast, Carmen chats to Simon about how:

  • you can tap into your creativity like you did when you were a kid.
  • working on your creativity can boost your confidence.
  • it’s important to experiment quickly, fail fast and learn so you can grow.
  • it’s not selfish to look after yourself first.
  • you can get so much out of mentoring someone.
  • boundaries are essential for success.
  • you need to make yourself accountable if you want to get stuff done.
  • it’s vital to continuously make partnerships and connections to grow your business.
  • a positive mindset is essential for success.

You can find Simon over on his podcast, website and on LinkedIn.


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