The Committed Creative Podcast

#18 Finding Resilience with Justine Martin

May 26, 2022 Season 2 Episode 3
The Committed Creative Podcast
#18 Finding Resilience with Justine Martin
Show Notes

Justine Martin is an artist who developed her skills after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and told she would never work again.

Since then, she has won more than 40 art awards, sold hundreds of artworks and become a successful art teacher.

Along the way, she has dealt with cancers and other health issues and gone through a divorce. 

Justine personifies resilience, and on The Committed Creative podcast, she chats to Carmen about how:

  • her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2011 led her to art.
  • she battled the fear to embrace what she loves.
  • entering competitions has led to her winning more than 40 awards.
  • whenever she sees a blank wall at a cafe, she hands out her business card.
  • she networks continuously and has used these skills to grow her business.
  • she coaches other women on resilience and business.
  • her positive mindset sets her up for success.

You can find Justine over on her art website and her business website and on Instagram.

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