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#17 Creating Magic with Corporate Magician Daniel Chan

May 19, 2022 Season 2 Episode 2
The Committed Creative Podcast
#17 Creating Magic with Corporate Magician Daniel Chan
Show Notes

Daniel Chan is a corporate magician who has worked with the likes of Airbnb, Mastercard and Google, wowing his audience with his magic tricks. 

Daniel left a lucrative role at PayPal many years ago to follow his dreams of being a magician, and has since been labelled by Buzzfeed as 'Silicon Valley's Favourite Magician'. 

As someone heavily invested in 'showbusiness', on this week's podcast Daniel talks about how he focuses on the 'business' part of what he does as much as the 'show'. 

In the podcast, we spoke about how Daniel:

  • pivoted in COVID to performing on Zoom - and became the leading magician in his field to do this.
  • transitioned from street magic to paid audiences.
  • believes the riches are in the niches - even with magic, which is why Daniel is focusing on becoming a mentalist.
  • maps out his path to give himself confidence in where he's going, whenever he's worried about taking a risk.
  • studies people who've seen success so he can learn from them.
  • still feels out of his comfort zone whenever he goes on stage - but does it anyway.
  • believes you should always pursue happiness - no matter what you do.

You can find Daniel over on his website and on LinkedIn.


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