The Committed Creative Podcast

#14 Cultivating a success mindset with Donna Bramhall

April 14, 2022 Carmen and David Allan-Petale Season 1 Episode 14
The Committed Creative Podcast
#14 Cultivating a success mindset with Donna Bramhall
Show Notes

Donna Bramhall is a mindset and success coach for passion-driven creatives.

She is a driven and resilient entrepreneur who has built a career that fits in around the lifestyle she wanted to create for herself.

Donna is a highly creative soul and from the moment we met her we gelled with her high energy and passion for life - you’ll soon witness this energy in our interview!

In the podcast, we spoke about how:

  • Donna pivoted her business in covid to an online coaching program, which she then grew quickly after building a strong launch process.
  • Donna listens to her customers and supports them on Insta - and how this leads to high conversion rates.
  • Authenticity and strong branding has been keys to Donna's success.
  • Mindset is at the root of success - and how the way we talk about ourselves determines what we achieve.
  • You need to detox negative beliefs and cultivate authentic self-belief if you want to achieve results.
  • You should always ask for help if you’re struggling in business - or hire people to do the things that aren’t your strength.

You can find Donna over at her website  and on Instagram.

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