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#13 Starting a Business on Maternity Leave with Dr Kyla Smith

April 07, 2022 Season 1 Episode 13
The Committed Creative Podcast
#13 Starting a Business on Maternity Leave with Dr Kyla Smith
Show Notes

Dr Kyla Smith is a paediatric dietician and founder of Baby Mealtimes and Toddler Mealtimes.

After having her daughter, she started posting the baby meals she was making on Instagram and soon had a loyal following of parents seeking feeding advice for their own kids.

It was then she had a brainwave - why not develop an online membership to help parents with this mammoth task of providing healthy meals kids actually want to eat?
And so, Dr Kyla's business was born - on maternity leave, no less!

In this episode, we hear how Dr Kyla:

-       created a niche product using direct feedback from her followers on Instagram so she knew exactly what her audience wanted.
-       focuses on her strengths and outsources all the other work in her biz.
-       is an ideas person and why she loves being the face of her business.
-       is super passionate about children's attitudes towards food, and how this passion has driven her to change the way schools view lunchtimes.
-       takes each day step-by-step to grow her business, tackling each challenge in bite-size pieces.

Carmen has been following Dr Kyla since her 5-year-old was a baby, and was thrilled to host Dr Kyla on this week's podcast.

You can find Dr Kyla over at her website  and on Instagram.

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