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#12 Teaching Kids to Love Themselves with Josh Langley

March 31, 2022 Carmen and David Allan-Petale Season 1 Episode 12
The Committed Creative Podcast
#12 Teaching Kids to Love Themselves with Josh Langley
Show Notes

 Josh Langley had a tough childhood. 

 He failed high school twice and was told he would amount to nothing in life.

Then one day, Josh wrote a love letter to his eight-year-old self – a book called Being You is Enough – and his life changed forever. 

Now he’s a successful children’s author who runs workshops and online courses to help kids accept their flaws, understand their emotions, and love themselves. 

He built this kingdom of love while working a day job that he invented for himself – an independent copywriter for radio stations through his business Outside Creative. 

The Committed Creative Podcast is all about meeting people who are all in with their creative pursuits and have made the leap from a regular job to follow their passion.

Well, Josh Langley is making that leap twice!

Now he’s all in with his work to help children be their best selves, winding down Outside Creative so can stoke up his Inspiring Kids program.

On this episode, we hear how Josh:

-       Created his own niche as an outsourced radio copywriter long before anyone else was doing it

-       Grew this creative writing work into a successful business that paid him what he was truly worth

-       Navigated the pitfalls of freelance business, trying to balance work and life 

-       Realised his true calling was writing for and helping children

-       Came to the realisation that he needed to go all in on his creative work

-       Summoned the courage to be himself, and accept his journey 

Full disclosure – Josh was David’s radio advertising copywriting lecturer when he was studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). 

But in this chat, David goes to a different kind of school with Josh, where his words aren’t being crafted to sell anything – just tell his story, and tell it well. 

You can find Josh over at his website  and on Instagram.


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