The Committed Creative Podcast

#10 Working with Chronic Pain with Zoe Simmons

March 17, 2022 Season 1 Episode 10
The Committed Creative Podcast
#10 Working with Chronic Pain with Zoe Simmons
Show Notes

Zoe Simmons is a Melbourne-based writer who runs a successful copywriting service, while also contributing journalism to publications like The New York Post, Mammamia and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Zoe is also working on a narrative nonfiction book about her experiences during the horrific black summer bushfires in 2020 where her hometown of Batemans Bay was almost destroyed. 

And she does all of this while dealing with chronic pain.

Visit Zoe’s website and you'll see how she juggles all these pursuits on her own terms, with everything she does infused with a genuine desire to help people.

Zoe is David’s guest in this episode of The Committed Creative Podcast, where they discuss:

-       How Zoe went “all in” on her copywriting business.

-       The regular career Zoe had before great success in, and why she’s left it behind.

-       The impact chronic pain has had on her life and why creativity is so necessary for managing it.

-       How joining a business network has supercharged her work.

-       Why having a creative outlet enhances her daily work...

and much, much more.

Zoe is a true example of someone going all in on their creative passions and making it work for herself and for the benefit of others.

You can find Zoe over on her website Zoe Simmons and on social media at her Instagram @somethingbeginningwithz


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